Monday, January 9, 2012

Arise, O Compatriots! Nigeria's Call Obey!

Greetings from the Motherland!

That’s right, for those who don’t know, I am currently in Nigeria until further notice. I’ll be working in Lagos at a credit rating agency for a while until I start graduate school in the fall.

Initially, I was super excited at the thought of living here for a while since I usually have so much fun when I visit. But, unfortunately for me, the country decided they wanted to go start their own Occupy Nigeria revolution the day after I got here. All stores and businesses are closed, so those who aren’t in the streets protesting (which is about 98% of the population) are pretty much cooped up inside until the strikes are over.

Words can’t describe how annoyed I am.

On one hand, I understand the need for the movement. The government is absolutely corrupt. Nigerian senators are actually the highest paid politicians in the world, and yet no one knows what they're being paid for since nothing in this country functions quite like it should. A change is indeed necessary.

HOWEVER, I would have really appreciated it if they could’ve held off on all this nationwide striking until like next week, or at least until I had a chance to get my Nigerian driver’s license and phone line taken care of. The fact that I can’t BBM anyone right now makes me want to give up on life.

So stay tuned, I’m pretty sure this “revolution” nonsense will give me a plethora of material to write about.

Or maybe not, since I probably won’t be doing anything interesting any time soon.



Oh, and Happy New Year. 


  1. Nice blog. I had the opportunity to visit last month too. What are your views on occupy Nigeria?

  2. Greetings. My name is Jim and I'm from Boston, MA. I can't recall exactly why, but I follow you on Twitter. My profile is @jcoffey7 Just saw post about your Dad. My Dad passed 4 years ago Sunday at age 84. Lived a healthy life but even at my adult age I really miss him. Hope you and your family are doing OK.
    Jim Coffey

  3. @Anonymous: Well, to make a long story short, I don't think any of the Occupy movements, Nigeria included, will be particularly effective because they lack genuine objectives. But it is good that Nigerians are being more proactive about the future of the country.

    @Jim: thanks, and sorry for your loss as well